Custom Software

You’ve been told to think outside of the box if you want to make a difference in your life and your business. That said, why would you use a standard software solution? In order to appeal to a broad market, standard software solutions typically have excessive amounts of unnecessary detail and functionality. This excess leads to inefficiencies and increased operating costs...exactly what you are trying to avoid.

Custom software has become a necessity in today’s marketplace for those looking to set themselves apart and maximize potential.

More than ever, in order to remain competitive companies need to process vast amounts of information, with increasing accuracy, in shorter amounts of time. This also needs to be accomplished while simultaneously reducing head count and operating budgets.

By allowing technology to do the tedious, labor intensive, and sometimes complex tasks, a company can increase productivity, decrease expenses, and increase profits.

In order to meet these arising necessities, Verasoft offers efficient, simple, easy-to-use custom software solutions that are flexible enough to address the unique needs of our clients.

Custom software technology can address practically anything, such as automated billing systems, POS, scheduling, inventory and warehouse management, electronic ordering and shipment tracking, and even powerful HR and CRM. Our developments embrace mobile, desktop and the Cloud.

We define and understand each client's needs, while working within their budget and timeline to distribute a technically sound solution. We handle the complete process, from designing to developing to testing to refining. We then follow that up with delivering long-term support, or providing advanced training in the event the client wants in-house support.

Verasoft Custom Solutions are flexible, efficient, and are led through close communication between our skilled software specialists and the client's subject matter experts.

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